Cambridge Training College Course Approval Application

Application for the Accreditation of a Learning Programme as a ctcbritain Award.
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Cambridge Training College Britain (ctcbritain) is a private independent online English College. ctcbritain office is located in Britain. Cambridge Training College Britain programs are offered by highly professional training centres in many countries. Cambridge Training College Britain offer training certificates and training deplomas with only our College stamp on those certificates and deplomas. Cambridge Training College Britain does not have any connection with Cambridge University or the British Council.
By submitting this application, you have legally accepted and agreed about all the information in this application.

We are committed to ensuring that the policies detailed in the Centre Licence Application will be fully applied to this programme. All the material in this application has been developed independently by the Centre.
Any material in the application that is the intellectual property of any other person or organisation is used with the expressed permission of that person or organisation.
Evidence to this effect must be submitted by the training centre on demand.
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Please post a signed hard copy of this form to ctcbritain Quality and Qualifications, 29 Harley Street. London W1G 9QR