Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity: Ctcbritain treats all staff and learners fairly regardless of differences in culture, ability, gender, religion, race, wealth, sexual orientation or any other group characteristic, acknowledging that each individual is unique. Equal Opportunities Policy: Ctcbritain complies with all parts of British legislation which vouches and advocates for equal opportunities. ctcbritain upholds every part of the equal opportunity law, which can be referred to on https://www.gov.uk/equality-act-2010-guidance . Partnerships ctcbritain does not discriminate on who to make partnerships with based on race, religion, age (or other such factors). Staff recruitment/Staff pay ctcbritain complies with each part of British legislation as it relates to staff recruitment and pay. Candidates Anyone (over 18 years old) can be trained and examined by ctcbritain. Candidates are all treated equally irrespective of any differences between them in any way. Discrimination Accusation Process ctcbritain deals with any alleged acts of discrimination in a very serious way. The first step is through the internal channels, where the managers or leaders will attempt to manage the situation and come to a conclusion. If a conclusion which suits all parties is not reached the accuser must appeal the decision of the manager/leader to one of the Directors of the company. This can be done through formal representation to info@ctcbritain.com following the complaints procedure.